The rail mounted stacker reclaimer is suitable for serving two parallel stockpile, one on either side of the track rails. The machine is designed to operate with a yard conveyor for stacking and discharging at the same end during reclaiming i.e. a reversible one.

Design, fabrication and manufacturing of premium quality stackers/Reclaimers are an extremely important part of the Material Handling product. Every bulk handling unit, from those using generic designs and ranging to those with specifically customized fixtures and load capacities, are thoroughly load-tested with multiple load capacities to ensure absolutely uncompromised efficiency during real world deployment.

Stacker and Stacker/Reclaimers are continuous and efficient bulk material handling machinery that is widely used for port, mime, electric power, coal chemical industry, etc. and you can achieve continuous stacking of bulk materials such as coal, ore etc. We are capable of design of various types of stackers with rated capacity of 100 – 1500 tph.

We can provide a comprehensive structural design that is capable of exceeding requirements of International standards.

A brief sample of our design capabilities;

– Mobile equipment modifications and upgrades
– Replacement of critical components; slew bearing, bucket wheel, luff cylinder, bogies, winches, drives, etc
– Construction and deconstruction
– Specifications and design auditing
– Refurbishment of worn, corroded, or damaged structures
– Revised control and monitoring systems
– Our multi-disciplined expertise with bulk materials handling equipment enables us to specify, design, or audit efficient and effective solutions involving a combination of mechanical, structural, and often electrical control engineering.

Engineering Analysis

– Finite Element Modelling
– Fixed and mobile structures can have widely varying design influences and critical factors which must be identified and considered for successful design.


Our expertise and technical resources enable us to perform a variety of assessments, for example;

– Advanced structural analysis
– Finite Element Modelling
– Stress/Strain
– Buckling
– Natural and forced vibration
– Thermal expansion
– Consideration of advanced material properties
– High strength steels
– Aluminum
– Plastics and mouldings
– Composite materials
– Operational verification
– Material flow analysis (Discrete Element Modelling)
– Efficiency, utilization and availability optimization
– Remnant life assessment and life extension
– Risk assessments


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