Special Structures (Pipe Conveyors)



Belt conveyors cannot provide suitable solutions in all situations. When we encounter difficulties and limitations due to site conditions like topography, space availability, restrictions due to environmental requirements/ regulations, material properties etc., we need to find an alternative to belt conveyors which are open troughed.

The above conditions can be handled early with pipe conveying technology. The pipe conveyors have advantages of steeper inclination and greater curves than troughed belt conveyors and have great advantages as:
– They completely stop spillage
– Completely bar pilferage
– Avoid transfer stations.

A pipe conveyor provide solutions to this challenge. With better lifting capabilities and ability to curve in any direction, Pipe Conveyors integrate optimally in existing plants, optimise conveyor routes and handle long distances and problematic topographic areas.

As a totally enclosed system, Pipe Conveyor transport bulk materials securely protected and dust free over roads, tracks, waterways, through existing plants

Pipe conveyors are an environmental friendly solution for conveying bulk material with zero spillage with the ability to cover terrain difficult to negotiate by conventional conveyors. We have designed pipe conveyors are being used to carry coal, limestone, sinter, BF dust, in lengths varying from 48 m to 7,500 m.

Due to its tubular shape, the conveyor is able to manage horizontal and vertical curves as well as high inclinations. The enclosed transportation system not only protects the conveyed material against external influences such as climatic conditions, it also avoids material loss and spillage and thus, protects the environment.

The Pipe Conveyor also meets special requirements such as simultaneous material transport in the upper and lower strand and downhill transport with power-regeneration. It serves the cement and power plants, port handling concepts as well as chemical, steel and mining industries.




– Protection of the conveyed material against external influences
– Protection of the environment against escaping material by dustfree transport
– Possibility of tight curve radii
– Realization of steep inclination
– Low space requirements
– No need for transfer towers
– Adaptation ability to topographic requirements
– Possibility of downhill transportation
– Simultaneous double load transport of different kinds of material in the upper and lower strand
– Low investment costs
– Low maintenance costs
– High operational safety

Our advanced structural design for pipe conveyors include:
– Detailed conveyor design using in-house static analysis and dynamic analysis. Conveyor engineering using advanced software package like Finite Element Modeling and Discrete Element Modeling.
– Horizontally curved trough conveyor gallery design.

Advanced conveyor structure engineering:
– Lightweight ground-based conveyor structure, using cold-formed sheet metal instead of hot-rolled steel sections.Lightweight Ground Based Conveyor Structure
– Lightweight elevated triangular truss conveyor structure using steel pipes; large 36m truss span to minimize civil cost. Walkways are replaced self-powered moving trolley, which reduces structural cost and improves maintenance efficiency.Lightweight Elevated Triangular Truss Conveyor Structure


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