Restoration Engineering



Buildings represent an incredible investment opportunity, but only if you preserve them. Without upkeep and repairs, the value of your property will fall. Whether your building is residential, commercial, or industrial we can provide complete consulting and repair/rehabilitation services.

We have an experience not only in building construction, but in advising owners on repairs and upgrades. We have worked with apartment building, commercial buildings, architects, and general contractors. We can both assess current condition and advise on solutions, including which ones pay off in terms of property value increases.

From foundation to rooftop, we can help with all parts of building. Our expertise is so trusted that we’re often called in to troubleshoot issues that other firms and contractors have missed. We go further to communicate clearly in layperson’s terms so owners understand what the information means to their future prosperity.


Home renovations are smart investments in the long term value of a home and also create economic activity by increasing the demand for labour, building materials and other goods. Renovations can also reduce energy consumption and the long-term cost of owning a home.


A site visit may be required before any engineering report or drawing is produced for renovation/addition projects, in order to asses
(a) the capacity of existing structure to carry additional loads and
(b) changes in size/position of existing load bearing elements.

Our optional project management services can ensure the work is done in a timely and cost effective way. We can handle all or some steps of the process, depending on your needs.



Complete Building Restoration Consultancy Services include:

– Building condition assessments
– Investigation for future repairs, including finding root causes of “mystery leaks”
– Specification and drawing preparation
– Project management
– Tender document preparation
– Rehabilitation of walls, parking garages, floor slabs, balconies, and foundations
– Structural reinforcement of existing structures
– Structural redesign/modification
– Open web steel joists reinforcement
– Temporary shoring, re-shoring, and scaffold design
– Building code compliance
– Concrete slabs, retaining walls, culvert design
– Repair procedures for concrete or steel structures


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