Industrial Structures



Industrial structures constitute the infrastructure of our energy, petrochemical, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. These structures differ from the general building stock, because their form and function are integral. Their function is often to support and contain industrial processes that would constitute extreme loads for common buildings, be it thermal extremes, intense pressure, or highly corrosive/toxic materials. Because of this, gaining a thorough understanding of the performance of industrial structures requires a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach that incorporates the expertise of structural, chemical, and mechanical engineers, as well as materials scientists.

Our Industrial Structural Practice, provides consulting services in areas of structural design and structural optimization as well as planning, assessment, quality assurance and project management for the construction, repair and demolition of structures around the world. Areas of specialty include:

– Radio

– Antennas

– Masts

– Energy

– Power Plants

– Grid Systems

– Wind Turbines

– Industrial Facilities

– Chimneys & Stacks

– Refractory

– Containment Vessels

– Infrastructure

– Commercial Building / Parking Structures

– Tunnels



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