Commercial Structures



We help to shape the skyline of cities throughout the world. We are experts in the design of tall buildings, pioneering the trend to build higher and slimmer to optimize valuable real estate in our dense urban environments. An artful application of science empowered by experience.

We are proud to be working on many exciting high-rise buildings with the developers and renowned architects.

Our expertise makes it possible for architects to push the boundaries of their aesthetic visions and for our clients to realize their goals. Buildings engineered and designed by us look good, perform well throughout their life time, and make a positive contribution to our cities’ economies, society and the environment.

We offer world-class engineering skills, advanced technical back up and in-depth knowledge of the current design standards for any type of building, anywhere in the world. Our specialist expertise in high-rise is enhanced through innovative and common sense solutions.

Delivering Technical Excellence

Our excellence in the design offer world-class design skills, which we integrate with local detailed design delivery and relationship management. We use the most sophisticated design tools and constantly explore new ways to design and build using innovative materials and advanced methods of construction.



Ensure the stability of very tall buildings even in the most unstable of ground conditions, such as earthquake zones.

– Deliver robust buildings that protect against disproportionate collapse in the event of localized damage
– Deliver buildings that withstand the effects of extreme events
– Develop new construction techniques to streamline building construction and minimize costs


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