About Us


Match-Tech Structural Consultant Ltd., an incorporation set up in the Province of British Columbia. Our specialization in the field of structural assessments, analysis and design of buildings, and our long history in practice, has permitted us to develop a high level of proficiency in this complicated, technical and ever-changing field.  Our efficient design team is commonly called upon by other engineering firms to address complicated design situations or to re-design structures in order to reduce their overall cost and to streamline construction.

The fields in which we operate are as follow:

Civil and Structural Analysis - Design

We have a vast portfolio of commercial, institutional, residential and industrial building projects. We are widely recognized for our efficient, pragmatic and innovative designs.

Building Code Review Services

We have expertise and experience assisting municipal building departments in carrying out plans reviews of the structural aspects of buildings in order to verify compliance with the building code and applicable standards

Historic Preservation & Stone Masonry Restoration

The preservation of historic buildings and structures requires a deep understanding of the properties of the historic materials used and how they respond to physical and environmental stresses as they age. 

Structural Repairs and Rehabilitation

The assessment and design of effective repairs to existing structures requires experience, creativity and judgment.  We have years of experience with the repairs to condominium balconies, parking garages, heavy industrial facilities, steel, masonry, wood and reinforced concrete structures.

Building Investigations & Structural Adequacy Assessments

We have extensive experience in the investigation and assessment of existing buildings.  From determining the cause and implications of cracks in walls, to the effects of chlorides on parking structures, we provide solid and technically accurate assessments and advice.

Seismic Analysis & Design and Seismic Restraint Systems

The seismic design requirements for buildings in Canada and the United States has advanced considerably in recent years and become far more complicated. These specialized requirements require the specialized knowledge of experience of our seismic specialists.

Emergency Response & Investigation

We are ready to respond to emergency situations such as building collapses, vehicle impacts, fires and explosions invoking buildings. We can quickly assess the situation and provide guidance to emergency responders, municipal officials, government authorities and building owners.

At Match-Tech, ever mindful that our work has a significant impact on people's daily lives, as well as on the lives of future generations, we ensure project success and sustainability by strategically mobilizing the collective power and diverse expertise of our global organization; assembling multi-disciplinary teams; leveraging experience and state-of-the-art technical solutions; and sharing knowledge among regions.

This value-driven approach and unwavering commitment to excellence consistently results in award-winning projects, delivered on schedule and within budget, for satisfied clients. We proudly continue to stand as one company, driven by one vision.


Provides proven structural engineering expertise and innovative thinking, resulting in projects that are completed on time and on budget.


Sustainable growth founded on valued and trusted relationships with our clients.