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We at Match-Tech Structural Consultant Ltd., are passionate about building communities that are vibrant, healthy and resilient and support economic growth. Sustainability is part of every project we undertake, and how we operate our business. We take pride in being a uniquely Canadian company that brings global perspectives to our clients from our international experience and technical involvement. Focused locally, we offer uncompromising service to public and private sector clients across Canada and abroad. We recognize for our service, excellence and contribution to communities.

We are in the field of Structural Design, Structural Modeling & Analysis, Seismic Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Mobile Equipment Design, Special Structures, Estimation, Surveying and  Architecture.

Our approach is to work with our clients to develop creative solutions that solve their problems and anticipate and address future challenges. Together, we can shape a better world.

We use recent trends of Technology to incorporate the needs of our client by using Design Software like STAAD – Pro (FEA analysis & design), AutoCAD (CAD Designs), TEKLA Structures (3D Steel modeling & detailing, Revit Structures (Multipurpose 3D BIM), RAM Connection (Steel Connection Design)

Established structural excellence

We are expert in design engineering to make structures more economical and buildable, developing many approaches which are now common practice.

Passionate about creating great structuresWe work enthusiastically with visionary architects to create built forms that improve our environment. We confidently extend the boundaries of what is possible in structures, and bring creative ideas and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude to our collaborations.

Balancing function, economy and sustainability in buildingsWe collaborate with owner and consultant teams to develop structural solutions that integrate seamlessly into building form and function. Economy and effective use of materials, which are key to sustainability, are in our DNA. When structural elements are exposed and featured, we focus on developing attractive details.

Continually improvingWe continually invest in our company for research and development progrmmes as well as training programmes. Our expertise with emerging visualization software enables clients to clearly see ideas we are proposing. Projects are becoming more complex, and our practice has evolved to embrace and leverage technology. We are integrating analysis, design and drawing software to optimize results for our clients.

Vision: Sustainable growth founded on valued and trusted relationships with our clients.

Mission: Provides proven structural engineering expertise and innovative thinking, resulting in projects that are completed on time and on budget.

Values: Our People – sharp, sophisticated, charismatic, professional